Friday, September 27, 2013

The Road to Yesterday
By Cleo Taurus

She loved this time of year, fall in New Hampshire. The leaves were so many different hues of gold, browns, reds and greens; it was as if God just ran a multicolored paint brush over the entire area. Sitting on the Harley I200, a bike so many thought was too powerful for her to handle, she traveled down the road, her mind awash in memories. It was here, in this quiet little corner of the world, where she grew up, had her first kiss, and rode her first motorcycle. It was on the back of Jacob Miller’s soft panel, the rumbling between her legs making her hot and horny for the eighteen-year-old boy. When he’d pulled over, parking the bike near a field of daisies and kissed her, she’d melted in his arms. It was only the fact that she was a scared little virgin that stopped it from going too far. She knew, even then, Jacob wasn't the one who would pop her cherry. That was meant for someone else. She just hadn't met him yet.
The curves and twists of the road brought her attention back to the here and now. Miranda concentrated on keeping the massively powerful bike upright. Her leather-clad body and the black helmet could only offer so much protection, and the last thing she wanted to do was wipe out in the middle of nowhere.  This road was hardly used, and if she got hurt she could lay for hours before someone found her. When she’d started this trek, it hadn't been in her mind to use any bike but his. It would have been easier to use her lady Harley, as Jed used to call her purple bike, rolling his eyes every time she pulled up next to him. In his mind, any bike painted anything other than black with silver chrome was a girly bike. It took her a month to learn how to handle his motorcycle, but once she’d mastered it, Miranda never rode hers again.
She rode for hours, covering all the places she and Jed had once passed; the biker bars, the house the two had shared once upon a time, and the motel where she finally became a woman. Jed was patient and kind with her that first time, but after that, his dominance came out. Miranda loved when he tied her up in knots, keeping her on edge for hours, finally allowing her to come. He was her Master, her lover, her husband, her soul.

There, up in the distance, was the place she was looking for. Pulling over, she took off the helmet, her long blonde hair cascading down her back like a silken waterfall. Miranda shook her head, pushed down the kickstand, and threw her leg over the bike. Standing there, she opened her mind to all the thoughts she hadn't allowed in a year. How he would love to toss her over the bike, spread her legs and fuck her till she screamed his name, the sound of her pleasure echoing down the valley. Jed loved to hear his name from her lips, and always, it was what she cried out as she came for him. Her body would shake from the passion of having his hands on her and the way he would paddle her ass until it was black and blue, then spread her ass cheeks and take her hard and fast. How many times had she heard, “Don’t come yet, Miranda.” She couldn't even put a number to it. Jed fucked her wherever and whenever he wanted, and she never said no to him. She was programmed to only his touch, only his commands. That was deliberate on his part, and God help any man who ever put a hand on her. She was HIS, and no one touched what was HIS.
Miranda reached into the saddlebag, and pulled out the brass and gold urn. She held it close to her heart as tears started to run down her cheeks. She was brave, he always told her so. Jed was so proud of his girl, and now, she hoped he was going to be proud of her one last time. It was hard to believe, it was only a year ago that the van hit him head on, she could still remember seeing his body go flying off his bike, and never would she forget the sound of his body hitting then bouncing off the hot concrete of the road. Her screams then weren't ones of pleasure, but of a woman seeing her future die in front of her eyes. Miranda cradled him in his arms as he took his last breath, and then felt her own heart shattering. It took months for her to begin to feel anything again, and when his buddies brought his fixed Harley to her, she broke down for the first time since his death. It was then that she made her plans.

Now, standing in the place where her future ended, she opened up the top of the urn and tipped it, letting the ashes of her past fly into the wind. Watching as Jed flew to the heavens, she wiped her tears for the last time. “It’s been a year Jed,” she murmured quietly, “and I've missed you every second of every day, but now it’s time for me to find my future again. I will always love you, but I can’t mourn you anymore. I need to move on,” she put the lid back on the urn and packed it away, “and I need to find joy again.”
Miranda kissed the tips of her fingers and held them up, kissing her Jed for the last time. Climbing back on his bike, she rode away, the road to yesterday now becoming the road to the future.

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