Monday, May 13, 2013

The right, and privilege to read and write what I want.

I just today had an intense discussion, *read got my ass tore a new one* by someone who I had a relationship with a long, long time ago. I found out a mutual friend had liked my author page, and had helped me out by promoting it on HER page. With me so far?

Ok so, she did me a big favor by doing that as it has brought interest not only to me but to my fellow authors. However when said EX saw it, he *gasp* googled Cleo, which took him to my amazon page, my blog, my face book author fan page, etc. He THEN read the blurbs on my stories. AND THAT was when the fun started! I got a text from him, basically telling me, I was going to hell, I wrote smut, I was a terrible influence,
you get what I'm saying right?

I read it all, then because I am so calm, cool and rational, I called him. why? I don't know, I was bored. I said hello, ask him how his life was going, his job, his kids, was he not getting laid anymore? the typical between friends phone call right?  HE told me, and I quote, "you know, if you had GOD in your life the way I do, you would be writing books praising his name! not that porno crap you pass off as literature! It's people like me causing the downfall of America!' end quote. I thought about it for a minute, then, well, I'm afraid I wasn't as christian and I try to be. I lit into him like a freight train barreling down the track with no brakes.

I asked him, by what right does HE dare to judge me when last time I checked, only GOD could stand in
judgement of me or anyone else. I told him, if he doesn't like what I write, THEN DON'T FUCKING BUY OR READ IT!  I told him, in my oh so calm and gentle lady like demeanor, the the first Amendment gives me the RIGHT AND THE PRIVILEGE to read, or write whatever I feel like, and as long as it does, and as long as Horny Devil Publishing or ANY publishing house in the future feels like my stories are good enough to publish then by GOD I WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE!! *wave American flag here*

I realize, that what I write my not be for everyone, and I'm fine with that. But I dont look at what I write as porn, although the good Lord knows I do write some sex, I look at them as love stories with a twist. My first three books, the Black Room Series, were all about one man's search for love. My holiday story, Alex's Christmas present, was based on someone I loved, admired and held dear to my heart. The next set of stories are the same. People, who only want to be loved for who and what they are.

After I hung up the phone, I sat there for a minute, just thinking. About fifteen minutes later, I still could find nothing wrong with what I, or any of my fellow authors that I know write. Then, because I am a true smart ass, I texted him back and told him, maybe he should read a book or two. Maybe if he had, he wouldn't be on his third divorce!!!

*laughs* I'm such a stinker!