Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear Santa By Cleo Taurus

Jules knew it was a long shot, but one she had to take. Words said in anger to Jed had caused them to separate, hateful things she wished she could take back the second they shot out of her mouth. Jed had stood there and took it all, then quietly said Good-bye, and walked out the door and out of her life. But now it was Christmas, the season for miracles, and she was looking for a BIG one this time.

Jules knew he would be at the Dungeon. No matter what his schedule was, Jed always made time to go there and check in with his friends, both subs and Doms. He was a mentor to many, and that was how they met. She thought he was too rough, to…. Hard.  Jules was looking for a pleasure Dom, and Jed certainly wasn't that. He was a true Dominant, a Master. He expected his subs to obey his every command, and if she didn’t then there wasn't a second time with him.  She came in with her haughty, rich girl airs and he took great pleasure breaking her down both mentally and emotionally. A strange thing happened between them, the months they were together, Jules saw past his hard assed veneer, and he found out she was more than just a spoiled little princess looking for a few kinky good times.

Then the fight happened. Jules could remember every word she slung at her lover/Dom.  How it felt to her that she was always last on his list, how the other subs threw themselves at him and he never discouraged it, and a laundry list of other complaints.  Looking back, Jules knew it was her own insecurities coming out. Jed had told her; so many times she had troubles with intimacy. Of course Jules always denied it, telling her Dom that she was more intimate with him than anyone she ever had been with. Too late, she discovered that wasn't what he meant at all. She had just been to into her own anger and hurt feelings to realize it at the time. Now all she could do is pray it wasn't too late.

The letter she wrote in the jacket of her coat, she was naked underneath. As Jules walked into the club, decorated with all kinds of holiday things, she knew that if this didn’t work, Christmas would cease to matter to her. It was a desperate attempt she knew, but she was desperate. It wasn't the sex she missed so much, although he was the best lover Jules ever had, it was his love.  He was the only man who ever loved her, even with all her insecurities.

Jules walked through the large main room, her eyes scanned the entire breadth and width of the place. Jules refused to believe he wasn't there.  She saw some old friends, and when stopped made a few moments of polite conversation always asking whomever she talked to if they had seen Jed. After being told no so many times, she felt her eyes well up. This had been a stupid plan Jules thought, stupid and a total waste of time. She should have mailed him the letter, at least that way she mused; Jules wouldn't have to see the look of rejection that was sure to come over Jed’s face as he told her too little too late.

Heading out the door, tears falling now freely, Jules didn’t even see the man she collided with.
“Excuse me Sir,” her voice low as she raised her eyes to the hard chested Dominant. Stunned, it was him. Her Jed, her lover and Dominant.  Unmindful of anyone else around them, she took the letter out of her pocket, shed her coat and kneeled down in front of him, her arms raised as she offered up the cream envelope. Her eyes cast down, it seemed like an eternity but then she heard the envelope rip. Jules knew the contents word for word, and now, it was all up to that letter, and the man who held it, and her heart, in his hands.

Dear Santa,
This year for Christmas, I don’t want the usual. I have been naughty, and don’t deserve any gifts at all. Instead, I just have one request. Could you please open Jed’s heart enough to forgive me for acting a jealous child?  Could you tell him, I’m so sorry I acted like a spoiled little brat?  I didn’t realize what I had and I treated him so bad. I said things I didn’t mean, things I knew would strike the most pain. Words that I wish I could take back. I don’t expect him to love me again Santa, just...Forgive me.
Thank you, Jules.
Jed read the letter, then read it again, a smile spread across his face as the words on page sunk in. Jules wrote a letter to Santa, about him! He had to give her points for that one.  It had been the worst time in his life, away from his little smart mouthed sub who liked to wiggle her ass just to tempt him to paddle her. He hadn’t touched another woman since the night he walked out on her, there was just no desire there for anyone but his Jules, his sun and stars.
His hands shot out and pulled her to her feet, and standing there in front of the onlookers who had gathered around, he latched onto her lips with his, claiming his submissive, his woman again. Jules naked body chilled, he reached down and snatched up her coat wrapping it around her. Looking down into her big blue eyes, his own brown ones held a hint of laughter.
“A letter to Santa?”
“I thought only he could grant this Christmas wish.”
“We have much to discuss yet Jules, don’t think I will be easy on you, I won’t.”
“I know, and I accept whatever punishment you decide.”  Her arms snaked around his waist and Jules looked into his handsome face. “I love you my Jedmund.”
“I love you too, my sun and stars.”
The two walked towards one of the private dungeons, where forgiveness and punishment would happen.  As Jed closed the door behind them, Jules whispered to no one.
“Thank you Santa.”

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