Friday, November 22, 2013


The First Thanksgiving After
By Cleo Taurus

The house was full of laughter and good cheer. Preacher had allowed his Rose to invite the other happy couples that had no close family over to celebrate the food filled holiday. Putting the finishing touches on the large table, Rose looked over the crystal and fine china that had been given to them as wedding presents. Her mind went back to other holidays, the ones she suffered as a child growing up in a house so cold it would have given the North Pole a run for its money for sheer frigidity. Preacher, Taylor and the other men were in the great room watching football on the big screen, and the women were laughing and talking in the kitchen. Rose just stood there, counting places, making sure each setting had the correct number of utensils and wine glasses when she felt a hard smack on her ass. Stifling a yelp, she looked over her shoulder and glared at her husband and Dom, Preacher.
“What was that for Sir?” Rose could see by the look on his face not to call him anything else.
“Where was your mind at my Rose?” 
“On the table!”  Rose answered as she rubbed her sore ass cheek.
“No, it wasn’t and you know not to lie to me. It was on HER, wasn’t it?”
Rose sighed quietly and stood there, safe in Preacher’s arms. It had been a rough and also wonderful year for her, and it was all due to the man holding her close now. When her mother died, she completely shut down mentally and emotionally. It was only through the love of her Dom, and what he had to do to bring her out of it, that she was sane and happy. Rose leaned her head back against his chest, and tried not to let a tear slide down her eye.
“Yes, it was Sir. But only for a moment.” She turned around and faced him, her arms sliding around his waist. Looking into the eyes of the man she loved and would die for, her mind was at ease, and her heart was full.
“What’s on your mind my Rose?” He asked her as he tightened his hold on his wife.
“I know it’s stupid, and I don’t know why I feel this way, but I wonder what she would have thought about you and I. I mean, I know her opinion of me wasn’t much when she was alive, but I once thought if she could see how happy I am, then maybe she would accept me.”
“Then you would be wrong Rosie doll.”
The strong voice coming from across the room made her jump. She thought they were alone. When she looked over her shoulder a smile broke across her face and she pulled out of Preachers arm. It was her brother Tim, standing next to the table smiling, and behind him his partner Warren.
“I didn’t expect you to make it! I thought you were going to Megan’s for the holiday!” Rose jumped in her brother’s arms and gave him a tight hug.
“Not a chance in hell would we go there Rose, there’s no place I would rather be then here with you and Brice.”  He held her with one arm and walked over to Rose’s husband, shaking his hand. “Thanks for the invite.”
Preacher shook his hand and pulled his wife back against him. His arm slung over her shoulder, Preacher gave Warren a nod, and then turned to her brother again.
“Glad you two could make it; you both are always welcome in our home, and at our table. Rose, I think we need two more settings don’t you?”
She hurriedly went to grab everything and as Preacher watched her scamper away he let out a chuckle. In the months since they married, she had barely had a need for what he used to give her. Now, it was as simple as having her sit at his feet in the evenings, or tying her to the bed at night next to him.  Preacher could tell when she needed something extra, and he made sure to give it to her. Never again did he EVER want to see her so shut down as he did that night.
“I never thanked you Brice, for what you did for Rose.”
Tim’s voice was calm and confidant, and as the two men stood there facing each other, an unspoken understanding passed between them.
“I love your sister, what I did, to her, was for us both.” Preacher knew that Rose had confided in her older brother, and he was fine with that. After all in his mind it was hers to tell. If she was ok with it then so was he.
“I know what a bitch my mother was, and as much as I tried I couldn’t save her, only you and your love could do that.”
“I would do it all over again just to see her smiling at the end of it. I hated to hurt her, but I knew it was what she needed.” Preacher turned to look at Tim, his eyes never leaving the other man’s. “But she hasn’t needed that kind of pain since that night. She’s stronger now, more… content.”
Just then Rose walked back in the room and quickly made two more places at the table. Smiling up at her brother and Warren, she hugged them both again. “I’m so HAPPY you two are here!”
Preacher had called everyone into the dining room as Rose told him all was ready, and he stood at the head of the table. Looking around, surrounded by his closest friends, family and the only woman he ever loved, he took her hand in his. Rose was his Thanksgiving, she was what he would be forever thankful for.
Her husband on one side, brother on the other, Rose was thankful for them both, and the loss of love from her mother wasn’t as important as she once thought. That is what she was truly thankful for.