Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Master of discipline, Preacher, has enjoyed an endless line of subs begging for his special brand of punishment. Every moment of control is like ambrosia until the day he meets the one woman who would need him most.

Rose is a woman with dark secrets until the seams of her chaotic lifestyle begin to slowly fall apart. Keeping everything bottled up is merely a survival tactic until she meets the one man who refuses to accept her excuses. 

Will her natural submissive nature allow Preacher to help her overcome her past? Or will she run away as she has always done, leaving her empty and full of regret for the rest of her life?

"You are not worthless."

Spanking Bench Confessional was a short erotic read filled with such intensity and raw emotion that it felt like I was holding my breath the entire time. Cleo Taurus knows her stuff, and she puts it all out there in her stories. You can tell that the author loves and believes in her characters.

Master Brice or Preacher, is an intense human being. He is the Dom you come to when there is no one else that can break through your walls. He is the one who can accomplish what others can't. He is the one to make you confess. Experienced as Preacher was, 20 years being a Dom, he has never wanted anyone more than his Little Rose. No one has ever came this close to his heart, and yet he felt if HE confessed, he would lose her forever.

Rose was fifty shades of ****ed up, all thanks to her witch of a mother. Growing up the black sheep of the family, her mother treated her like dirt, like she was an accident, and the only reason why she was there was because of her father and his money. With her father dying when she was young, she had no one to turn to, to escape the horrible jabs from mommy dearest. All was lost, until Preacher stepped into the picture and gave Rose what she needed....a good, intense, emotional beating.

"She was wrong, you are perfect, why can't you see what I see when I look at you?"

These two characters broke my heart. You could tell that Preacher didn't like how tough he got with Rose, but he knew it was what she needed. To love someone so much, and to not be able to voice that without fear of her running away and losing her forever, ugh! Incredibly sad. This was written so well, I couldn't help but feel like the author must have pulled from past experience. We all deal with these struggles every day, and we all deal with it in different ways. It's the people who stick with you through the thick and thin that deserve our complete love and trust, and Master Brice was it for Rose. I want to give you all a little warning. Spanking Bench Confessional was NOT BDSM-light at all. There are some intense, tough scenes that will get to you, just make sure you pay attention to the underlying love and devotion that comes after the crack of the whip.

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