Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big vs skinny........... don't we all need love?

So I've been reading, a lot the last few days since I've been down with the flu. And to my growing horror, and why I never saw this before is completely unknown to me. Why is it, almost all the heroines in most books, small? oh now I don't mean the tits, somehow most have tremendous racks, and hips that "were made for his hands alone". Nope, I'm talking about size.
Are big girls not allowed to love? are we to be forever known as the funny best friend? never knowing a man's touch? I mean..... how the hell fair is that? I am NOT A SIZE 0-6, and haven't been since.. well. my entire life. I am a comfortable size for me. I am, for the most part happy and healthy. Does the fact that I'm not a size 6 mean that I am not entitled to love?
And just so no one calls foul on me, yes, I have written skinny heroines. Now however, as I write and develop my women, I am more conscientious. I know that not every woman is a thin woman. Some of us have meat AND potatoes on our bones. I was talking to one of my favorite fellow authors, Ava Snow, and if you haven't read her you should. I told her that what I loved best about her story was the woman was a REAL WOMAN!!  not some skinny stick figure who needed a few meals.
Not all authors use this kind of woman for their models, but lets be real, the majority do. Its almost as if, if the woman is a thin petite little thing, shes more deserving.
I'm not speaking here for anyone other than myself, and, depending on the story I'm not saying I wont use a thin woman again as my heroine, but I can say, I will be way more aware now.

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